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Academy Re-Enrollment 2018-2019
Posted On:
Friday, January 12, 2018




Dear Parents:


The school year is going by so fast!  It is hard to believe that it is time for our re-enrollment period for the

2018-2019 school year. 


Please find attached a re-enrollment packet that needs to be completed and returned by Tuesday, January 16th


If your child plans to return to the Academy, there are two pages that need to be completed and returned for EACH student –

  • Re-Enrollment Form,

·         Parent/Guardian Agreement


Each form requires a parent signature.  The re-enrollment packet will not be considered complete without both forms.


Every student should turn in a signed response from the packet.




Gary Morris

Director of the College and Career Institute




Due by Tuesday, January 16, 2018







Student Name: _______________________________________  Current Grade Level: _____________


CCI administrators, professors, and staff are committed to ensuring that CCI students successfully complete the courses required to graduate from the Douglas County School System.  Our mission is to have every student in the Cohort complete all four years of high school at the CCI, either by continuing in Graphic Arts or Audio/Video Production, or by becoming a Dual Enrollment student at West Georgia Technical College.  Our students will be properly prepared to complete his/her technical diploma and/or move on to a 4-year institution. In order to jointly achieve this goal, parents and students are asked to commit to supporting educational success by entering into this agreement.


As PARENT(S)/GUARDIAN(S) for the above mentioned student, I pledge to:


__ Volunteer at least 5 hours per semester per family; for a total of 10 hours per year to be completed by the end of the school year.

o   Note: Opportunities for volunteering will happen year-round and emails will be sent. If you would like to volunteer during the school day, it is imperative that you schedule this in advance.

o   Hours may also be contributed in the form of food, drink, or monetary donations. These donations will be used for student recognition, dances, or other school events.

__ Support the dress code regulations fully and completely.

__ Be proficient in utilizing technology in order to facilitate and enhance home/school communication via e-mail, Engrade, Parent Portal, CCI       Website, Newsletters, and automated Calling Post. Engrade must be checked weekly.

__ Respond within 24 hours if contacted by a teacher, counselor, attendance clerk, or administrator.

__ Attend Student Support Team Meetings/Annual Conferences by invitation.

__ Attend parent/teacher conferences as needed each semester to discuss the academic progress or other matters related to my student.

__ Review progress reports each grading period to maintain awareness of my student's progress.


Failure to comply with agreement may result in a student returning to the base high school. I understand that the CCI is a school of choice and if program expectations are not met, my child will return to the base high school. I cannot appeal once this decision has been made.



Parent/Guardian Signature:____________________________________   Date________________






Student Intent to Return

We must an accurate count to determine how many students will be in the newlottery for the Class of 2021.

If you do not respond BY January 16, you will not be enrolled in the Academy next year.



Student Name: _______________________________________  Current Grade Level: _____________




_____  Yes, I plan for my child to return to the Academy at the CCI for the

           2018-2019 school year.


_____  No, I do NOT plan for my child to return to the Academy at the CCI for the     2018-2019 school year. (If this is your choice, only return this page).




Parent/Legal Guardian Name:_____________________________________



Parent/Legal Guardian Signature:___________________________________  Date: ____________    




If the forms are not returned by January 16, 2018, we will assume the student will not return.



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