Graphic Design Pathway

Graphic Arts

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Program Description:

In this program, high school students gain an understanding of the graphic
communications and design world. They learn the theories behind creating aesthetically pleasing designs
and how to work with consumers. They also learn how to create, develop, produce, and disseminate
products utilizing or incorporating words or pictorial images to convey information, ideas, and feelings.
Exposure to career possibilities and discussion of ethical issues relating to graphic communications and
design are also important threads in this course.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates are employable at an entry level in the graphic arts, print, or imaging industries.

Program Courses:
Course Titles:

  • Introduction to Graphics & Design (1st year)
  • Graphic Design & Production (1st year)
  • Advanced Graphic Design (2nd year)
  • Graphic Design Internship (2nd year)
  • Jobs for Georgia Graduates Work Ethics I

Estimated Program Cost:
This program receives high school credit only; therefore, the only out of pocket expense is the cost of
any required supplies and membership dues should the student choose to join Skills USA.

Supply List:

  • 1 USB flash drive
  • pencil or pen
  • composition notebook or sketchbook for thumbnail sketches